Houston Evening

Houston Evening
Went to the Episcopal Cathedral of Houston for worship this evening, not a bowling alley in sight. But what is interesting is I have been to church each Sunday of my sabbatical and only twice have i received communion. It was an all woman lead service. We 20 or so gathered in the side chapel sang 3 Hymns but only 2 verses from each hymn. A large happy smile appeared on my face when we prayed for Rowan William’s it reminded me of the unity and difficulties we have in the Anglican Church. I thought of the times i would pray for him in my chapel in Pype Hayes, you know he is a very prayed for person.
In all my born days i never thought I would write this next bit. The liturgy of the evening was an antidote to the thin vocabulary I have experienced in my own life and on my travels during worship. At one place we sang Jesus is my friend over and over again like a football chant. Friends; we forget them, disappoint them, lie to them, avoid them, use them, keep them at a distance on Facebook, sleep with their partners. Friend is not a good metaphor for someone who asks so much of us and will not do any of the above. It is for Sunday School. I have enjoyed the day immensely. I must tell you about the train from Houston better say compline.
If you would like a spiritual trick here is one, go to this webb page http://www.cofe.anglican.org/worship/liturgy/commonworship/texts/daily/night/compline.html it will give you a short service for putting the day to bed. I am using it each evening.


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