New Orleans

New Orleans
Ok i need to trust you not to tell Erin the next bit of information, it’s not that she will mind but she will want it as part of her trip and i am not sure there are any left. After my interesting night on the train from NY to NO I have booked a bedroom on the train for the Houston to LA trip that’s 2 nights. I am too old and disorganised to be sleeping in a chair with older ladies from the south or the north or anywhere I suppose.
A friend of a friend Gary meet me at the New Orleans station and took me to dinner so first I want to say thanks to Gary for the southern hospitality I had gumbo for starters and catfish and shrimp aren’t I a brave boy. We walked Bourbon Street, viewed were the slaves gathered for their day off, went to the cathedral; saw the Great Mississippi steam ships and all. To give it a contemporary feel you can also see the Navy ships re stocking for the troops to go out to the gulf. Gary tells me this is the only catholic city in a Bible belt enclave of the South.
Ps if you want tickets for the NO NFL football they start at $150 this is not a cheap sport to follow.
An interesting but indefensible point about the slaves. On a particular day the masters/owners would give the slaves some part of a particular day off and they were allowed to gather together at the park and they would sing and play music. They shared their different drumming patterns and musical influences from across Africa. Partly thru this activity of gathering black music began its influence upon the wider world. The interesting point for me is through this inhuman activity of slavery, Sabbath was recognised, and through this Sabbath was the creativity of music. Perhaps to have seen this event in New Orleans would be like watching the Israelite captives in Babylon singing of their loss at the river. We ignore to often the value of that that comes out of pain, personal and corporate. But Iam still having a bedroom.
Last note for this blog. Would you believe it I have a bloody cold and a sore throat.


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