My next visit on my pilgrimage of Rothko’s work was to The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art today which cost $15 to gain entrance.
They have a number of Rothko’s but only one on display unless I missed a room. Here is a link to the one I saw ttp://sfmoma.stores.yahoo.net/markrothko2.html . The main dominant colour is orange hovering above a blue block all placed on a deep red/maroon. It was the only Rothko in the room sharing a space with other modern art. This piece on its own seems not so boastful as the clutch of his work at the LA MOMA. In total I spent about 30 mins in front of it which was rewarding. I am unsure what it meant spiritually. But as I pondered I was joined by two other people. We were united by the work the silence and the experience we seemed to be informed enough without engaging with each other. I was wondering how different an experience this was in comparison to church for many people. We were after all in a new sort of cathedral. Here the gods of the art have their holy relics of work not to be touched. Here we come to engage and worship. Here we come to open ourselves to be taken to a higher plane. Here we hope to find meaning to our lives. This is a proposition or observation not my belief. But here there is no bread or wine, here there is no forgiveness, here there is no redemption. Only experience and God.


  1. It's an interesting picture and it probably causes all sorts of optical illusions as the brain attempts to make sense of it. Sharing silence and/or other activity in the company of others can be a very relaxing and indeed intimate experience. Some may interpret that as spirituality, but I'm not sure it needs to be. Your comparison with the experience in church reminds me how much of art, music, culture and architecture has evolved from religious origins.

  2. Why is "not so silent" so silent? We are missing your written spiritual inspiration this week and missing you even more. Keep feeding us with your observations and thoughts even from a distance they are so inspiring. Love Chris


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