Self medication

As an ex mechanic when raise the bonnet of the car there are a number of challenges that i feel more comfortable with the expert dealing with.
When i take a walk down the aisle of a chemist here there is a growing sense of unease within me as I engage with the possibilities of self medication in the USA. For the most part self medication in England is the choice between Ibuprofen and aspirin and if you’re not sure go to the doctor anyway it is free and he has nothing to do if you don’t go and see him or her.
I want you to have a think for a moment, count the amount of various holes ins and outs you have spaced around your body? The sort of places you often tell young children not to mess with in public or put anything into them. Remind me to tell you the time my daughter got a pea stuck in her nose. Anyway back to the point as I walk the aisle of the chemist where you can buy coffee and doughnuts i am astonished what the sell. I know I sound like the kid from the county again. But they sell you self medication for any of those places you just thought of, any. For example ears. I was always told do not put anything smaller than your elbow into your ears. They sell something in the chemists to get into your ears so you can clean them out, a little tool (not a cotton bud). Now there is one thing to buy a tool to put up a shelf and another to bugger about closely very close to the most technical piece of equipment God ever made the brain. They tell me i should not dig up the drain unless i have some training. So why in Gods name are we mucking about with a tool less than an inch from the brain. I do not let anyone near my ear hole unless they have done at least 3 seasons on Greys Anatomy or been to some sort of doctor school that supplies you with a certificate of greater significance than digging up the drains (no offence drain men). The last time i saw this tool used i kid you not was in Bombay/Mumbai in the station waiting room. Where the operator would remove wax from your ear sitting on the floor of the waiting room for 3 Rupees. We are in a land one step away from selling spells and potions at the drug store. A complexly unscientific guess I would say 50% of adverts on TV are for some form of medication. The next time you have to have something done with any of those places you thought of earlier go the doctor who has been reading books and practicing for at least 10 years. Then thank God you’re not sitting on the bathroom floor on your own with some IKEA like instructions. God bless the National Health Service.


  1. Ear wax blog very strange so I Googled ear wax and I had one million eight hundred thousand hits but I did not look at them all.


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