On reflection this trip has not really been about the city. Like a good Woody Allen film the city is another character in the story but the city should never be more than the story. For me the story on this trip has been about the privilege of relationship. It seems my companion would have been happy to have gone to Rhyl but he unlike me has never been to Ryhl. I have not tortured him too much with trips to art galleries and we have only been to one church and we did not go inside. He was happy too I was not. The trip has been seasoned by conversation and questions. The week has been punctuated by food and ice cream and in that light you can see why Jesus spent so much time eating with people. The wonderful wide avenues here have reminded me how cramped a space we live in at home. Some of the roads are that wide crossing them could be a sponsored event. I am also baffled how we got on before rucksacks how did Moses get round the desert without a rucksack and a plastic bottle of water. Being here shows me how difficult it must be to live in a city where 50% of people walk round it with a tourist map in one hand and their euro’s in the other. Iam not sure my companion will wan not come back again but I will return with my wife i am sure my companion will not want to go to Rhyl after this.


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