This weekend has been a time of many celebrations in the Anglican Church it has been a time for candidates for the ordained ministry to make some sort of commitment before Bishop and God that is life lasting. I went through the same journey a number of years ago from deacon to priest sliding nervously but passionately into parish ministry, my commitment was also followed by a family party to celebrate!  This Sunday morning I preached on 2 Samuel 1:17 end. I thoroughly enjoyed the preparation, it is King David’s lament for Saul and Jonathan and their death on the battle field. This section of the Old Testament recognises the cosmic shift from God and people to God, King, the Kings Kingdom and Gods people. I think this new favoured one of God, David, genuinely laments for Saul and Jonathan’s death. David in his lament models to his people the passing of something and someone in death knowing new possibilities to come. So I wonder on the Sunday when people celebrate being ordained would we not be better lamenting something passing and dying. Lament   Our old lives, our ability to come and go as we wish, our careers, our network of friends, the option to choose where we shall worship. As I start my 16 year in my parish (my!)  I am more open to lament, (you won’t win many friends focussing on lamenting) more sober of the possibilities of God more aware of my own need for God to change me let alone my (my!) Church and my (my!) parish. So celebrate away my Anglican Church there will be a time of lamenting I hope.


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