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Where is our wisdom?

Where is our wisdom? It was after reading Matthew 11  Jesus is quoted “you have hidden these things from the wise and learned and revealed them to the little children”. Looking at wisdom and children drew me to a place to reflect on, where is our wisdom?  Often I hear people saying we do not have respect for members of our community anymore; police, vicar’s! doctors, teachers etc. But where are the people we invest out trust in because they have wisdom? The wise people we lent our saving to gamble them into financial tricks nobody could explain then made the saving disappeared and then after a roll on the drum we were left with less than nothing. The trick, savings grew, shrank, disappeared and a debt appeared it grew negatively. Wisdom?  The wise politicians here in the UK worked hard at making an agreement between the north and south parts of the Uk . Hours poured over devolution powers, cross boarder voting, and the examination of historical documents. We heard from politicians, profe…