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Staying around

In my 16th year of being Team Vicar of my parish Pype Hayes. I have reflecting a lot of what that means. A few years ago a coworker asked me if I was still in this parish I said yep. His reply was "the diocese will have on your file no vision and no imagination"! My response if I remember correctly was something like "I prefer to call it commitment". 
I have just read 'Trees which are repeatedly transplanted do not grow roots', St Gregory of Sinai. I wonder what my roots look like? Perhaps the reason to be in a parish or community is to grow roots, spiritual roots. And that others may watch and be part of that process of growth.

Our Father

Our FatherThis year during lent we are looking at The Lords Prayer. Beginning with Our Father. I was reminded he is Our Father not mine or even my own congregations Father but Our. The picture of Earth from the Hubble Telescope challenged my very personal or local view of Our Father. It seems for to long I have claimed him for myself and my congregation. The picture of earth reminded me well crashed in on my very narrow view of my father. The picture and the opening words Our Father forced me to contemplate the reality that people from all continents across all languages will today cry out Our Father and with that my family and Our Father seems much larger and more encompassing.